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Pastor's are desperate for help around the world. They love to have help in bringing the Holy Spirit into their congregations. Most don't receive the training we have available to us in the USA so they crave all that can be imparted to them. 

John 20:22 And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit."

Peru in July 2016

Closed country April 2016


We go where it's not popular to go. The places that are not as convenient to be in. But God covers us and uses us to His glory for a move of His Holy Spirit. We have seen many thousands of people filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in other tongues.

When I was younger I had no desire to travel at all. I was happy in my hometown and just wanted to reach my City for Jesus. One day God spoke to and said, "I want you to go where your invited." I said yes Lord. I wasn't worried about going anywhere because nobody knew me. but when you saw yes to the Lord, He makes a way where there didn't seem to be a way. He opens doors that no man can close. My first trip was to the Philippines and and many thousands made a commitment to Jesus. 

That was the beginning of what has been an incredible time. We pastor a local church, New Hope Family Worship Center, and love to connect with pastors around the world to help them build their church body as we bring the message of the Holy Spirit. Many thousands have responded and been filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in other tongues. We continue to move forward in this ministry as God brings the increase and supplies what we need.

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Upcoming Trips for 2017


To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ from our home town, Corona, to the ends of the earth and to see all peoples filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Ronald and Dalanda

We do a lot to improve life for communities by bringing Jesus to them.

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Peru/July 2017